New Update to FARA

This game has received a new update, here are the juicy patch notes I know you all want to see:

- Adjusted Earth Zealot - Their dances no longer have a chance to uncover hidden things, but instead can cause plants to grow.
- Added 0 as a Quick Action key
- Added more Quick Actions
- Updated the interfaces for rune infusions and hallowed forges to show multiple items instead of just the first one you're holding
- Updated the equipment of several common enemy types
- Updated a few outdated /help entries
- Reduced the size of spell effects on the world map
- Reduced humanoid carrying capacity by 10
- Increased the capacity of most bags and containers
- Using /take on chests will now open them.
- Players will now see the same health and stamina statuses for party members as they do for themselves.
- Rest/Sleep has been slightly reworked. A length of time can no longer be chosen, and the amount of health and stamina gained per rest has been increased.
- Saving now reloads the game and presents the new Continue/New Game menu.
- The default command for /stealth has been changed to /hide to prevent autocomplete overlap with /steal. /stealth is still a valid command.
- Outlaws are tired of your crap, and will now fight back if assailed.
- NPCs will now prioritize rejuvenation spells over other defensive spells when their health is low
- Fixed several crashes in saved games caused by unique monsters
- Fixed a crash caused by accepting quests from wanted posters
- Fixed some errant game messages about discovering items that aren't actually there
- Fixed a minor error in saved games that caused "FAILED TO CREATE OBJECT" messages to appear in the game log
- Minor optimizations
This is not my work! Here is the link to the log:
Here is the link to the game:


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