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Showing posts from November, 2018

Check out this game!

This game has been published on for about a week, although it was last updated 33 minutes ago. This shows that the developer enjoys working on this game, and for us that means to expect big things from this game. This game has the feel of an Undertale-like type game, and I understand that Undertale was one key supply of inspiration. This game involves flashing lights and rocking tunes, so if you must be wary of that please do so!

Here is an update on my upcoming game jam.

I have decided today that I have been far too dormant with regards to creating new game jams, so I plan to have one started by the end of the day! Stay tuned for details.

Additionally, I must mention that this is becoming very time consuming (especially if I make game jams every week like I one day hope to do). The fact is, I love making game jams but it is a very time costly activity to partake in. With this being said I would appreciate the slightest sign of support; For example following this blog or sharing a post you find particularly interesting.

Thanks again and stay tuned for an update on this game jam, I will post an update momentarily.

Here is from a sweet game I have been following!

Sorry everyone to my absence as of late, I have not been feeling the best, until now!
I still try and be fairly active when possible, pretty soon I think I am going to start a new game jam which will probably last about a week (I will be sure to post an update on the jam as well).

Anyway guys, here is some cool insight into a new game in development, I have covered this developer in the blog before with titles by him such as Missile Defender (which did not disappoint).

Everyone check out this game and follow the dev-log for even juicier details!

Another great game!

I am feeling very productive so why not post a heck of a lot of glorious games!? I am thinking that pretty soon I will create a post of my favorite games I have played thus far, and then I will clean out my PC as downloading so many games takes up a lot of disk space.

New Update to FARA

This game has received a new update, here are the juicy patch notes I know you all want to see:

- Adjusted Earth Zealot - Their dances no longer have a chance to uncover hidden things, but instead can cause plants to grow.
- Added 0 as a Quick Action key
- Added more Quick Actions
- Updated the interfaces for rune infusions and hallowed forges to show multiple items instead of just the first one you're holding
- Updated the equipment of several common enemy types
- Updated a few outdated /help entries
- Reduced the size of spell effects on the world map
- Reduced humanoid carrying capacity by 10
- Increased the capacity of most bags and containers
- Using /take on chests will now open them.
- Players will now see the same health and stamina statuses for party members as they do for themselves.
- Rest/Sleep has been slightly reworked. A length of time can no longer be chosen, and the amount of health and stamina gained per rest has been increased.
- Saving now reloads the game and…

c4arena - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

c4arena - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: c4arena is two player game. Players take turns dropping discs into vertical grid. First player who connect 4 discs in line wins.You can play online against strangers or invite your friend. Local multiplayer is available too and you can always play against AI.

It is classic but it is delivered crisply.