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Furcifer's Fungeon

  Furcifer’s Fungeon is a roguelite dungeon crawler with excessive character build options. More options are to be added also! Everything about this game says that I will love this game. I have a feeling that you will also love this game. The demo itself is amazing and it isn’t even finished…Imagine the finished product! I will be linking the Steam page to this game, the page and the Discord. Be sure to give this game a go! Furcifer's Fungeon on Steam Furcifer's Fungeon Discord server Furcifer's Fungeon by PlayWithFurcifer

Human vs Alien

 I really enjoyed this game. Granted I find this game extremely difficult but it is a good game. Try it for yourself at this link! Human vs Alien by Golden Cat Education


 It is well known that I love all of watabou's work at this point. I find it awesome what they can make, and what I can make using their programs, enjoy this one! Lighthouses by watabou

Luminous Crucible

 Luminous Crucible is a game, that I am not good at, but a game nonetheless! In Luminous Crucible essentially your task is to keep you and your reflection safe by moving various mirrors and destroying evil ones. Check it out for yourself! Luminous Crucible by crass_sandwich

Electrophorus Recycling Inc.

 Oof I hope I spelled that right. Anyway, you are bound to enjoy this game! A lot of similar games are extremely easy to a ridiculous extent, I am glad this game has some challenging elements. Play the game and find out for yourself if you enjoy it! Electrophorus Recycling Inc. by webagent

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