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Fall Dude

 I am glad I gave this game a chance! I love this game and find it very entertaining. Sure when you get down to things, similar games have existed but this game finds a way to make it unique! One way do they do that is by the in game unlockables. Try the game for yourself! Fall Dude by Bitten Toast Games


 Takbo, which translates too running in Filipino, is a simple puzzle game that can get extremely difficult. It is a game that would be given much more justice if you were to play it than if I were to describe it. The main goal is to go as long as possible. Good luck! Takbo by crass_sandwich

New Game Jam!

 I started a new game jam guys, I am bringing back a classic game jam I did way back when. I did also want to point out the uptick in ads from me. The cost of everything is raising faster and faster and I need to do something. I always tried to stray away from flooding you guys with ads and I still try. The thing is that I am hunting for a job at the moment so you will likely notice an increase of ads until I get one. As soon as my work situation is under control I plan to remove even more ads than before. Anyway, here is my new game jam!

Pico Driller

 I have been doing only browser games lately but I can't help that they are just so accessable! This game was made as a tribute to another game (I believe Pico Driller by Canari Games, Johan Peitz


 I enjoy that this game wasn't set out to be overly complex. The concept of the game is fairly simple so it does not have to be very complex. The gameplay was fun for me and I am sure that was one of the goals! Shepherd by Tohu Bohu, Leo Teiknar, PinoPaprika

Dark Clues

I would like to say that I think this is a great game. The developer did note that it was incomplete as well. I think this is a great creation by watabou. I think that the game is good as is, I would be happy with updates but I like it as is. Dark Clues by watabou

A Relaxing Typing Game

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