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Developer Spotlight: Andrey Fomin

Proto Raider on Steam: ASCIIDENT website: . ASCIIDENT Facebook group: Andrey Fomin on Youtube: Additional Links:  Threadless store for ASCIIDENT: PuzzleLab Reddit: x 8.5.7

PKMN CMD Battle Game!

 Do you like  Pokèmon ? Do you like text based graphics? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I have just the game for you! This game goes into so much detail, be it the sound effects of the game or the move glossary! There is so much taken into account, and you should really check this out. 8.5.5 PKMN CMD Battle Game!: ASCII Version by BellBlitzKing

Meet the Bird That Still Sings to the Stars.

 If you were to play this game, I truly think that the gameplay would speak for itself. The game, for one, is very atmospheric and the graphics style could even be characterized as euphoric! The top notch music really sets the tone to this game and I recommend it. 8.5.5 Meet the Bird that still sings to the stars by Temporarily Unnamed Collective


If you have been following this blog for quite sometime you know that I seldom post a game more then once and today I will introduce an exception! FARA has been great since I started playing it and still gets constant patches! In fact, there has recently been a re-worked version that is being tested probably as I type this. I hope you find as much joy in the game as I do: FARA by BrianIsCreative

Planet Space Hacker Adventure

 I love the work of this creator, hence why I follow them! I would play this game just for the groove of the electronic music but the gameplay is simple yet fun and the graphics are adorable. 8.5.5 Planet Space Hacker Adventures by sketche99

Interminal: The Airport Simulator of My Dreams!

Interminal: A game that we, or at least I, would dream about!! A game about nothing but one of the single best environments to exist… Airports! You can buy tons of fancy colognes and watch the pretty planes. Or, if you want to you could just run around like a maniac. No matter your play style here is the game: 8.5.5 Interminal by nothke, Ferran Bertomeu


 Great concept, executed to see it!  8.5.5 Superspreader by nothke

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