Windaug is here at long last. I think it is fun for what is, and I would love to see updates in the future! 8.2.3 WINDAUG ORIGIN by Windaug

Curse Dodger

 The name of this game explains itself, simply dodge flying curse words. This is a platforming game that reminds me of my favorite platforming games such as Cloudberry Kingdom. This game has really great music also, and I can certainly appreciate that! The icing on top for me was the smooth character movement. Sometimes you'll get a game of this type where the movement is clunky at best, but that's not the case here! You can check out the game on today!  8.1.2 CURSE DODGER by sketche99

Monster Master

 In a way this game feels like chess, and I love both chess and this game! The art style used in the game gives it a great feel as well! 8.0.5 Monster Master by Raychop, Sojzi, Dissolvant, Mahjoub

Windaug User's Manual

Windaug had just been updated, and it now includes a ton of new features as well as a new user's manual! 

New "Operating System".

 This application is still in development but I am already in love with the features it does have! I can see this becoming a nice little community and would love to see how the developers expand upon this fantastic idea! 8.0.3 Windaug 1.1 by Windaug

Promotional Post

 I wanted to take some to let everyone know about one of the services that allows me to post links to them! Please check the service out as it helps support the blog and helps me to keep renewing the domain. This is a service that sells videogames. 8.0.3

Neurometaphysical Recursion

 A tad bit confusing to fit on one page, but I really enjoy the game... and the price. Games like this are especially great if you are quarantining at home right now. I think this game would do for some play examples as well, I would LOVE to see that. Neurometaphysical Recursion by Metaparadox