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It has been two years since I began this blog, and I have improved from an inexperienced writer to...slightly inexperienced!7.0.3
This post will be dedicated to promoting, which is the affiliate program I belong to.
I know that at the moment flying can be a risk, although sometimes it is necessary in order to conduct business or visit loved ones. If you are in need of parking, this site is for you! 
The site gives you multiple parking locations ranging from hotels (which can be a bit pricey because you have to rent the whole room), or companies dedicated to airport parking (which often times are cheaper)! You can tailor your search as well. 
For some examples, I will include some parking locations I searched.
Keep in mind that the links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a portion of your purchase.
Also, be aware that my search settings will still be active when you click the links, so you will have to edit the search…

First Impressions: Desktop Garden

Desktop Garden is a fun desktop game that is very relaxing. Navigate your open windows to hydrate the trees that you plant on your island.

Desktop Garden by Temporarily Unnamed Collective

Save on Airport Reservations!!!

Hope that this cures boredom!

So, here's yet another generator to get things started... you outdone yourself this time (as usual)!

Village Generator by watabou

This is a very fun browser game that is also mobile compatible!
Pixel Sword Toss by LVGames

Additionally, if you want to learn game making while at home, give this a try! Takes less code than most engines.
Pixelbox by Cedric Stoquer

First Impressions: Wizard's Tower (Dice Game)

Not too sure what this game is yet, i'll try it tomorrow. Nevertheless, saw it on my itch feed and figured it could help you power through boredom!
Wizard's Tower by McLean


This was my most successful game jam by far, and I hope they all get just as many if not more submissions! Big thank you to Rik Oclon for helping promote this game jam! I know that quite a few participants resulted from his work. So, without further delay here is all the games from this jam!

Hide and Seek by JORDAN’S PIXELS

Hallowed Tomb by Lil_Cactus

Detective Mrozinsky by Chronoware Games

Use Command by Dengar

Bright Side by Alberto Ramos

roommate by nCCat

King of Chaos by ChrisSkyRo

One Night of Discovering the Abandoned by TrexandDrago Games

The Quiz by Borromeo

The Book Of Lucraria by Ajinaline

The Library by Mandvillegames

Last but not least, as a thank you to Rik let's include Rik's game!

Retro Space Ball by RikOclon

Winter Trees

Here I go again sharing another generator. This developer makes the best quality stuff in quantity as well, I have used his generators for my game and also just for fun!
Winter Trees by watabou

Game Jam Recap: Medieval Times Game Jam

This game jam had a fair amount of submissions, six! So, I'll include all of them here:

Dungeon of the Mad Mage by rafaelcnagy, syrem
The Ship on Wheels Episode One by Bozon

Minotaur Maze by arthursheos

Oberlon: Trading Sim by Tyler Holloway

Dice 1000 online by Alexandr Shvab

Medieval Times idea/research by Arcus
This last one is not a game per say, but it does provide some excellent facts, research and ideas.

First Impressions: Book Hunter

This game is very challenging but very interesting. Ever wonder what it would be like to have a superpower that helps you reach your goal but also drives you insane? If so, this is the game for you!

Book Hunter by watabou