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This game has been published on for about a week, although it was last updated 33 minutes ago. This shows that the developer enjoys working on this game, and for us that means to expect big things from this game. This game has the feel of an Undertale-like type game, and I understand that Undertale was one key supply of inspiration. This game involves flashing lights and rocking tunes, so if you must be wary of that please do so!

ASCDungeon - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

ASCDungeon - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: Berdolock`s Dungeon - An Asc dungeon, initiave ASC DUNGEON  is a plataform/adventure game from the same universe of Fields of Gore and Orc Leader (, both developed by me, filled with lore and fun (In the future I aim to write tales

I have been waiting for this game!!

This game has finally been officially released and I am super excited!!

This guy has been making awesome games for a while now! 😁😁😁

It is not too late to join my latest game jam!

My new game jam is still available for you to join! You can join it from this link: 

So, my game jam starts in a bit under 24 hours

I don't know about you all, but I am pumped for this game jam! I know it won't be a huge game jam because I have not hosted one in a month or so, but I am shooting for ten submissions at the least!

You can join at this link, let's make it happen!

Game update!

I posted about this game when it was still very new, and it is starting to take shape now.


This is the link to my new game jam, I expect big things from this jam!