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Another generator.

At first, I wasn't thinking this was a very in depth concept. Developers always tend to do the impossible and find the conclusion that was never thought of; This is a great example of that.

Another Great Game

Love the game. I really appreciate the presentation of the game as well. This is exactly the type of game I hoped for out of this game jam. Even though the developer says this is badly put together, I have seen much worse; and this game is pretty fun as well.



What's better than Sonic's sister?

Well, it may just be because it is early in development but the game is a little hard to play. I enjoy the overall concept of the game and hope it is expanded upon more. Sonic is so famous who has ever given Soni the thought she deserves?

My friend's new game.

Before I begin today's post, I have to excuse my absence over the past few weeks. It goes without saying I am extremely busy, but that serves as no excuse. On the plus side my blog is starting a brand new game jam (you can check it out on the game jams page). I am pretty stoked about this new game jam because we have reached double digits in the amount of people joined, and that is a beginning milestone (because lately I have been struggling with my game jams).

So, onto the post!

I hope we all remember my good friend Ben, the creator of Detector Island. Well, he is creating a new game and someone has the dev logs to show you. Remember that this kid is only 17 and the game looks amazing even now.

Dev logs

I think that while I am at it I will post Detector Island as well.

It is That Time