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Hello guys!

If you have frequented this blog before, two things should be quite apparent. For one, I love this city generator:

Two, this blog is awesome.

I plan on starting a new game jam pretty soon, and as I am an optimist, I can really anticipate that this game jam will be much better than the prior one.

Besides, with all things considered my last game jam seemed somewhat cheesy anyways.

Bad news (bears)

So, my recent game jam has ended and as of now, all participants have not submitted a thing. To say I am disappointed is an understatement, I just hope I am missing something. I will update you (if I don't then my fears have come true).


Thing have really slowed down on my feed. I do not want to make this a blog where I constantly make posts about game updates, I want to post about new games. When things do get slow, I will just make on big report covering game updates and small yet interesting things.

FARA has been updated, a lot. This game is pretty amazing and  it is a free to play browser game, unless you choose to support the dev!

One Button Football has been updated, so cheers to all you soccer/football fans!

Everhood, the music themed, Undertale inspired game of my dreams has been updated.

Mindustry has been updated!