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This game...

Unfortunately games such as this are becoming difficult to find for me. I like the game, It is a little unstable but cut the dev some slack, the game is still in developments so more delicious features will be added.

I found some content guys!

Enjoy the groove.

SillySnake - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

SillySnake - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: Silly Snake survival game. - Help and Eat all the yummy fruits and become the biggest snake! - But whatch out for the pesky snakes that will chase you to kill you! Coming Soon: - Multiplayer support- More levels

Time to talk about Reassembly.

Reassembly is a space shooter game where you get to design your own faction. User creations are used in the game, and the game is not too hard to handle, but being good is another thing. In order to really get a gauge on how good the game is, I would advise to go check the game out. It is a paid game, although I do not believe the price is too much.

Who doesn't love shooting stars?

I do, that is for sure. I love this "game". It is a stretch to call it a game, but let us just call it a game. This guy is a great developer, he/she is pretty diverse in their skill set, I have covered games by him before and he does not disappoint.

Additionally, you can support Adam by checking out his game making tool!

"How hard can a game about trees be?"

This game is fun but it definitely gets very rigorous.

As I can now play the game, it is only fair to give it another shot!

I did manage to play the game, and it is great. At first I just figured the developer wanted free advertisement for his paid game. I of course would not mind that because honestly it is only 99 cents on steam, and plus I did not specify in my game jam rules that the game had to be completely free. Either way it is a great game so go check it out!

I love a good adventure.

I told this developer this game was a gem, and I believe it is!

I urge you guys to support the developers in order to get more great games! This is yet another submission for my recent game jam, and this will not disappoint.

Only 99 cents.

This was a game jam made for promotional purposes so promote this developer please!

Let the submissions begin to flow forth!

My game jam actually ended about two days ago, but I had class so here ya go with an amazing submission. For me the game did get challenging, but I am one of those people that likes the challenge.

A little about why I do not make games.

I simply do not even attempt to make games, and that is for a lot of reasons. For one I do not know any code aside from the simple code in this blog. Secondly, we have studios that make great games like this. This was a submission to Ludum Dare, and it actually placed 3rd as far as I know. So, I encourage you to get the game and support the developer.

Enjoy this free little browser game.

Also, lets give my brand new publisher, Tyler, a shoutout!
He is doing an amazing job!
Play free games at Kongregate

Cipher's Room Alpha 0.1V Is Officially Released!

As of today, 9/8/18, Cipher's Room is officially released in its first version. The game currently has 5 scenes that tell the story of a missing teenager. The game is currently unfinished, but will have regular updates.

Download the game here:

And heres some screenshots for a quick preview of what to expect:

Cipher's Room Inside Look

Cipher's Room has been a passion project of mine for the past few months, and its getting close to the release so I figured I would share some screenshots of what the game's going to look like.

Here's a link to the demo: Cipher's Room Demo

Musical... Weapons?

Yes, I said musical weapons not musical chairs. This game is pretty fun to play, this game is still in development so there may be bugs. Even if there are a few bugs this game is still fun to play.

Tyler's Introduction

Hi everyone! My names Tyler and I am a game and web developer as well as a designer. I will be posting on here from time to time on games and assets that I find interesting as well as my personal projects.

Anthony added me to the blog to help out with finding games to post and to keep you updated on whats going on with games like Cipher's Room and Oberlon: Trading Simulator.

Another game jam submission.

If you follow this blog closely, you may realize that some of my favorite "Games" are not games at all, at least in the way commonly thought. Arcus had trouble creating a game due to technical glitches, although he still provided his ideas and research. I appreciate the effort put forth and this looked like it had the likes of a great game!


So, The creator of this game is now on board to contribute for this blog! So, expect more posts and more games.P.S, this game has also been updated so hooray!

Remember this?

Remember this city generator:

Well, a new update for it was release that gives it integration with a similar generator: 

My friend Tyler is such a good game developer.

Another good one from my game jam.  Although this game was originally made for IOS, it still is pretty fun to play. The controls can be a little unstable, but like I said, this game was originally made as an IOS game. Tyler told me that he plans on adding more content to the game by the end of the game jam in 13 days. You can count on me to keep you updated as the game gets reworked a bit. I do encourage you guys to support the developer as we always should.

Thanks guys.

The game is up there not down here! Down here is just a link to donate to my blog, this is a lot to keep up with.